IntelliCEL | For the Sake of Future

For the Sake of Future


Who we are

The software development company known as IntelliCEL provides imaginative software solutions to new businesses of all sizes, including startups, small and medium-sized organizations, and huge corporations. If you work with us, we will be able to supply you with high-quality custom development services, which will give you a competitive advantage in the industry

  • Averdire

    AverDire is the place where you can foster authentic professional connections that are genuine and verified through a fool-proof system.

  • CFI (Capital Finance International), a print journal and online resource reporting on business, economics and finance. provides news, analysis and commentary on markets worldwide, and its mobile app allows its readers an easy access to fresh news and journals anytime anywhere.

  • BeApp

    BeApp makes personal and professional connections possible by beaming your social media accounts to the nearby area.

  • Daycare Mobile App

    Daycare app is a scheduling app to be used in daycare centers by the management/teachers to keep track of each child’s necessities and their activities.

  • IntelliFep

    A complete accounting and finance software, which provides all general ledger functionalities. It is developed as a standalone module for ERP and ready to be integrated in a complete ERP.

  • Click n Eat

    It’s a brand new food ordering application, just like and, currently launched in Sargodha. It’s a complete package with web application, native android and IOS app. The Web app is packed with full on features with outstanding design.

What we offer

You will have the chance to network with some of the most influential design, business, and technical specialists in the industry. You are going to give a presentation on your proposal, and then we are going to find out about the right audiences, test potential solutions, and implement them in compliance with the appropriate standards.

Why Choose IntelliCEL

We are a creative software development firm, and one of the things that we do is produce highly effective digital solutions and experiences. Our level of skill sets us apart from others; rather, it is the relationship that we have with our customers.

What Distinguishes Us?

IntelliCEL is recognized as an All in One Solution for all of your development needs. Our clients admire our top tier communication, project delivery services, and transparency since we believe in offering what’s promised.